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Journal Entry: Mon Apr 7, 2014, 5:48 PM

   So yeah. That happened... Haha, but not much else has happened. I went to go see the new Captain America movie. it was pretty good. A lot of twists and a good story... When you watch marvel movies, you always have to remember that the first movies are just introductions. Amazing ones though! Don't get me wrong! Haha, but they're just the beginning of the story! The second Captain America isn't my favorite Marvel movie of course, but like.. With the second Thor movie it just got better and better. Everyone's into that Asgardian stuff anyway. It's awesome!

 BUT ANYWAY. I will get art up as soon as I clean off my scanner. WOO!

 That is all...

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United States
I am an aspiring artist (although I usually don't have too much inspiration)...

I love drawing just about everything, especially people. I love illustrating and doing anything that can portray emotion and meanings in any way which words can do no justice.


My Rules on requests/commissions:

:bulletgreen: I don't do Yaoi, incest, or anything homosexual. (Nothing personal I'm just not into that kind of stuff). Also, I don't do nudity and try to keep my art from needing to be marked mature. (Feel free to talk to me).

:bulletorange: Twilight, or any actors associated with it. I have nothing against it and the people who are in it/created it, but just no. Sorry.

:bulletpink: People like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Jonas Brothers, Hannah Montana, Justin Beiber and the like. Again, I have nothing against them personally, but I'm sick of hearing about them and I really don't like barely clad scary people and other ppl like that.

With most singers/actors/the like you can always ask but there's no guarantee that I'll accept.

:bulletpurple: On the rare occasion that I do take requests or get a commssion, I would like you to know that I specialize in anime/manga. I also do other but im not so good with realistic people. (You can always talk to me tho :nod: )


:bulletred: On the matter of deadlines:

I usually don't do an exact deadline. But if you need it before a certain time you can always talk to me about it. The shortest time I can do something would be around 2 weeks depending on the quality of what I'm doing.

-Again, feel free to talk to me, I can be pretty flexible.-

Mediums I'm good with:

-Regular pencil*

-Ink/Pens (usually black, but I can do color)

-colored pencils

-paint, usually acrylic but water color is good too (this would be
on more of a commission level) I like to combine black pen with water color for outline



:star: Feel free to note me or message me about requests or commissions!


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Logovanni Apr 9, 2014  Professional Artist
I suspect whatever art is really yours is actually not bad.
 I took it off I'm sorry.
happy birthday :iconkaminaplz::iconcakeplz:
 Thank you shane!! Haha
lol np glad it was an ok one
Beth-Z Apr 3, 2014   General Artist
Happy llama flipping birthday!!! Backflip Llama Backflip Llama Backflip LlamaYou get a cannibalistic cookie:psycho-cookie:

....wait.... Er, happy birthday!
 YAy cookies!! Haha Thank you!!!
Beth-Z 4 days ago   General Artist
Plenty of welcomes! :)
Beth-Z Mar 7, 2014   General Artist
YO! Thanks for the watch :D I appreciate it very much~!
 You're welcome!
Beth-Z Jan 10, 2014   General Artist
Hi, you probably don't know me (or remember me if you did at one point), but i was wondering if you've had any recent contact with :iconthefirebreathes:? She's an old friend, and I miss her so Sad fayse.

In the event that you might remember me, I used to be :iconprodigius:
 Hi! No I haven't.. I've wished her happy birthday every year, but she hasn't been on in at least 3 or four years.. I don't know what happened :(
Beth-Z Jan 12, 2014   General Artist
I see.... :sigh: I try to get in touch with her now and again, but it seems she really did leave... I kinda know what happened and, quite honestly, I sometimes feel like it's somewhat my fault she vanished :(

On a somewhat happier note, I decided I like your art and added you to my watch ^^
Aww.. I still have no idea... heh

 Well thaaat's awesome thanks!!! xD that makes me really happy
(1 Reply)
StreamyDigital Dec 6, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Hi, thank you so much for the fav :heart:
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